::Beyond Wishes:: 超越…渴望系列第二輯

♥ Beyond Wishes ♥

The Beyond Wishes collection features the dare and desire to pursue your dreams, live in love, and make a difference.


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{ Go! Journeying ♥ 走!旅行去 }

{ Strength & Good Luck ♥ 力量與幸運之星 }

::淡水珍珠:: White Party 白珍珠水晶純銀手鍊 (婚宴酒會穿搭)

♥ Freshwater Pearls Collection ♥

A bridesmaid bracelet, made with 7mm-8mm lustrous freshwater white pearls and natural clear crystal rondelle beads, featuring a classic ring & bar clasp. This lovely piece is not only a wedding bracelet but looks gorgeous with a light summer dress. Also perfect for a night out!

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::輕珠寶:: 白水晶紅瑪瑙綠瑪瑙切割天然石黃銅手鍊

♥ Daily Jewels Collection ♥

Check out our lightweight dainty jewelry pieces designed to fit comfortably on your wrist. Let the tiny twinkling gemstone faceted beads speak for themselves!


⇒ How to put small bracelets on by using a paper clip.


::復古唐頓:: Lady Mary 系列-3 茶晶白水晶金髮晶黃銅項鍊

♥ Downton Retro Collection ♥

::復古唐頓:: Lady Mary 系列-3 茶晶 (煙晶) x 白水晶 x 金髮晶黃銅項鍊
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::輕珠寶:: 白水晶切角車輪珠黃銅鎖骨鍊

♥ Daily Jewels Collection ♥

See how the Clear Quartz Crystal faceted rondelles shimmer under the light! The name “quartz" comes from the Greek derivative krustallos, meaning ice, as it was thought that quartz was actually ice formed by the Gods.

白水晶切角車輪珠黃銅項鍊 / 鎖骨鍊
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