Pinkoi 小物誌 ☀ 豐收的季節綠東菱義大利玉葡萄串黃銅耳環

Check out our refreshing Green Aventurine and Italian Onyx cluster brass earrings from the Fruity Season collection selected by Pinkoi ISSUE 033, the largest online community and marketplace for designers in Asia!!



::印象花園:: 綠色系天然石黃銅啾啾鳥長鍊

♥ Impressionist Garden Collection ♥

Introducing our new collection – Impressionist Garden. Here comes the brass love birds long necklace with all sorts of natural green beads – Green Aventurine, Green Agate, and Italian Onyx, now available at Cheers!


::豐收的季節:: 葡萄串們黃銅短鍊 / 鎖骨鍊

♥ Fruity Season Collection ♥

Here are bunches of grapes made of small stone beads – Italian Onyx, Aventurine, Amethyst… mouth watering huh?

義大利瑪瑙綠葡萄黃銅短鍊 / 鎖骨鍊
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紫水晶紫玉葡萄串黃銅短鍊 / 鎖骨鍊
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∗ 紫玉:又稱薰衣草紫晶 (Lavender Amethyst),是紫水晶家族成員之一。